7 - 17 November 2013

Empire Cinema Leicester Square
The May Fair Theatre


Vera Krichevskaya

Producer, Citizen Poet

A graduate of St. Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy, Vera Krichevskaya has worked as a writer, creative producer and director in the television industry from early 1990s and was involved in launch of some of the most creative and high profile TV projects. Her work for various television channels over the years, including 24DOC, NTV, ICTV and VGTRK, has three times achieved the honour of a TEFI award, the most prestigious professional award in Russia. In 2008 she co-founded as creative director the TV RAIN (Dozhd) channel, where she was involved in the Citizen Poet project from its inception as a television broadcast. She left TV RAIN together with the Citizen Poet team after the owner of the channel refused to broadcast one of the Citizen Poet programmes. Vera that became the creative director of the 24DOC channel for which she received her third TEFI Award.