7 - 17 November 2013

Empire Cinema Leicester Square
The May Fair Theatre


Gift of life

Gift of Life offers hope and practical care to children and young adults whose families cannot afford treatment for cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.
Thanks to the generous donations of our supporters, we have been able to save the lives of dozens of children through the provision of vital medicine and treatment.
We provide support for children and young adults up to the aged of 25 who are Russian citizens, resident in either Russia or the CIS.
In Russia, treatment for cancer and other potentially-fatal diseases is only partly covered by the state. A large proportion of the cost – as much as 66% – must be shouldered by families who are often living below the poverty line because their child’s illness has depleted their resources. There are examples of parents selling their homes to fund their child’s treatment.
All parents in these circumstances are encouraged to apply for support.
Gift of Life is also active in campaigning in Russia for better medical facilities and better access to treatment and medicines.
Your donation to Gift of Life UK will make a huge difference, bringing hope to children and young people who might otherwise face an uncertain future.