7 - 17 November 2013

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The May Fair Theatre


Russky London

What is the Russky London club?

 is a daily-updated online magazine dedicated to Russian London and Russian Londoners with a full calendar of cultural and business events, interesting reviews and opinion and practical advice on life in London. In short, everything a Russian Londoner needs for a richer, more comfortable life in the capital.  

If you want to stay in the loop, simply sign up for our weekly newsletter. You can opt to receive all our news or choose from a selection of categories, including events, culture, travel, style and kids.

If you have something you want to tell others about, send it to us and we'll help you bring it to a wider audience.

But by far the best way to tell us about you and your projects is to become part of the Russky London community. When you become a member, you will:

  • be able create a profile on the Russky London website, where you can tell us about you and your interests and provide links about your projects.
  • have the chance to create not only a blog but also your own mini website on the Russky London platform. It's a great opportunity to talk about your projects in detail. Not to mention the fact that we will take the most interesting pieces and post them on the main pages of our websites and on the social media pages of Russky London and Academia Rossica.
  • find out that Russky London is much more than an online club! We host real events – film festivals, exhibitions, lectures - where you can meet people, talk, have a drink. We also arrange meetings with the most interesting Russian Londoners and with Russian celebrities paying a visit to the capital.