7 - 17 November 2013

Empire Cinema Leicester Square
The May Fair Theatre


MANSKY RETROSPECTIVE: Patria o Muerte / Родина или смерть

Thu 14 November 2013 - 4.00pm, Empire Cinema

Russia, 2011
Documentary, 99 min

Thu 14 November 2013 - 4.00pm
Empire, 5-6 Leicester Square, London WC2H 7NA
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Director: Vitaly Mansky
Screenplay: Vitaly Mansky
Producers: Gennady Kostrov, Natalia Manskaya
Cinematography: Leonid Konovalov, Vitaly Mansky
Starring: Gera Avdochenok, Mikhail Barskovich, Vladimir Degilev, Oksana Semenova and Tatyana Shapovalova
Production: Vertov Real Cinema Ltd. GENFILM Ltd

What does a person imagine when they hear about Cuba? Especially those who have never been to this sea-locked state in the Caribbean basin. They probably think of cabriolets driven by glowing fair-haired men in colorful shirts drinking cocktails and dancing with mulatto ladies, the endless ocean reflected in their eyes. In reality there only exists the endless ocean that cuts the island from the rest of the world. It is hard to find any other country where the discrepancy between its image and reality is as huge as Cuba's. For more than 50 years the state has been following the battle-cry of the winning revolution - “Patria o Muerte”. For more than 50 years the battle-cry has been a daily dilemma for several Cuban generations. Our movie is about people who were born before the revolution and now are coming closer to the end of their lives and realise that “Motherland” equals “Death”.